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Not to mention that the charges, I do not even understand why it might be my original quote. They CALL me to allow ME KNOW my container was to be delivered on Saturdays between N and N hour. My final pickup of the empty container would be on 10/2/17, which places me. Here is the kicker thoughthey will deliver to the address. They had the incorrect email address, so no information was got by me, although it turns out that the original order was listed. Upon calculation of the square footage from the POD, I decided that I would need more place and known as back to request to add a 7' POD to my existing order for a 16' POD. We opened a brand new purchase. 500 for both pods for delivery and storage fees plus a re-delivery fee for my 2nd pod after the first one was picked up (that I was to only be charged for 1 pod which was shipped). 5 miles off but never was informed of these charges. 180 delivery commission, too, never revealed to me.

Called 9/20/17 to verify shipping of container to address. Because of their understaffing and lack of customer support, I had been fined by HOA because pods took five days to pick up They Are container. PODS sent out somebody to look at it but apparently they are unable to fix the door onsite. You're warned to find insurance but it only covers the POD. My lawn was ruined by them when delivering the POD. Placed the POD at a place that was Tricky to load. We (myself, my husband, the new owners of their property) all tried to explain that the only place to set a second POD was in front of the very first POD. First my home was struck at by the driver together with the POD. First off, it was an expensive choice, though it made the most sense in the moment - we had been moving from one side of the nation remaining with a relative while we searched for a house.

I was never advised that pickup from that provider is first come first serve. I'm warning everyone in Florida. With just a couple drivers in south Florida the business is not able to meet any deadlines which their clients have. I have to talk to anybody and I've probably talked to over 20 individuals. Still waiting to have my call rather than phoning wasting my time and energy being placed on hold and no warm transfers whatsoever and having to repeat myself over the several transfers. I advised them the vendor on the phone informed me the month was due to a special that month, they needed. When I was on the phone with the rep (who had been good ), he asked me I would be moving . I asked for escalation, I was told by them they emailed the Little Rock PODS center, but my request was denied once again.

For I'm sure it won't be long before somebody adjusts the number of customers be warned PODS you've CHEATED! I have a family, and all our possessions must be listed in CA with us. I'm here working, etc with most of my family things nonetheless in Toledo. Im frustrated, it doesn't seem that it has gone well, and that I am not near getting my stuff. In my understanding, I was charged the charge for the bigger one.They refused to pick up container once I wanted them to. After calling to have it delivered 10/12/17 Container was delivered. Delivered the second POD. For utilizing the POD for 13 days, since the days spanned 205 and they do not prorate as a coverage. They told me that they couldn't pick this up for 5 18, after it dropped off. I moved with my loved ones across country and also they handed me.

After the POD attained its final destination they were way earlier than they said waking up the entire neighborhood until 7am with this giant truck's horn. 2400 I paid to proceed the POD) That's extortion! SHAME ON YOU PODS for making my transfer a nighmare that is living. I mentioned that it wasn't helpful to discover that out and that I needed the money back in my card to use it. Never rely on them since I promise one regret it! PODS is a disorganized, greedy corporation that does not care at all about their customers. Once I contact PODS, I can't seem to find a straight answer. It appears everyday I receive:a new bill from PODS". The pricing has now tripled to receive my POD. So today I'm not likely to receive my stuff ( if it even comes today ) before 9/30/17!

Obviously it was going to become professional." . Obviously I already did this. I was not able to simply load it, which costed more time because of the extra time it required to be sent. However, I had been told that I will be billed for it. Inconveniencing the customer and causing additional costs to be incurred by them because their equipment error make sense doesn't it? 1. When POD came and had been picked up from my house in NY the trucks gear ruined our driveway. I wasted some time being home waiting to ensure it'd be delivered/ picked up. 10/16/17 container had been picked up. I had to change my container. Called 9/29/17 spoke with Lesha, and she stated the container had left Toledo on 9/27/17 that it would not arrive until 10/11/17, and because that had been the date!

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